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Welcome to Knives of Scandinavia!

Welcome to Knives of Scandinavia!

High quality knives from Scandinavian and Nordic manufacturers

Whether you are out in the wilderness or in the home, the need for a good knife by your side is paramount. Who better to understand this need than people who pride themselves on both their wilderness and their homes? We know our products and understand the needs of today’s outdoorsman, craftsman and chef. These knives are of authentic Scandinavian quality and have been tested time and again in tough situations, always coming out on top. Following in the footsteps and traditions of both service and quality, these knives will stand up to almost any task.

Bushcraft Knives from Mora of Sweden and FällknivenBushcraft Knives from Mora of Sweden and FällknivenFishing Knives from Mora of Sweden and FällknivenHunting Knives from Mora of Sweden and Fällkniven

Kitchen knives and chef knives from Mora of Sweden and FällknivenMorakniv®, the classical Swedish mora knifeSurvival Knives from Fällkniven and Mora of SwedenWork Knives

The range of knives offered by us are hunting knives, bushcraft knives, fishing knives, kitchen knives, survival knives and crafting knives- all of which are from world renowned knife manufactures in Scandinavia who maintain exacting professional standards of craftsmanship. The range of knives we offer reflects the passions we cherish in our own lives. We here at Knives of Scandinavia firmly believe in customer service and our core values to create a flawless experience for you, the discerning knife user.